February 2, 2009

Why start a sewing blog??

Posted in Sewing projects at 10:06 am by mommy2brayden

umm because I wanted to! LOL 

Disclaimer: This is my very first blog and blog post. Hopefully I am doing this right.

I love being crafty or the idea of being crafty. I have a very hard time sticking with some thing. I have hundreds of dollars in scrapbook stuff. I made about 5 very cute pages, even won a local contest with one, and then never pulled the stuff out again. Maybe some day. I learned to crochet. Made 2 very cute baby blankets for my son and then I was done. Never pick up a hook again. Couldn’t even tell you how to being a chain. I would love to make a cute winter hat with ear flaps. Maybe some day. Sewing is the one hobby that I have stuck with.  While I do have numerous unfinished projects, I tend to finish more then not. That is why my current project is great for me!! It’s broken into very small baby steps. So that way I keep feeling like I accomplished something and don’t want to give up when I get frustrated or bored.  My current project come from the YCMT blog.  ( Commercial break : I love this web site called You can make this. It has awesome patterns with very detailed instructions and pictures. Great for beginners and beyond!) The project started with a lonely bench and the writer of the YCMT blog looking for something to fill the benches loneliness. A month ago tomorrow she put the word out to join her in a sew along to make a Make-It-Up-As-You-Go Quilt. We are now on step 9 or in my case step 7  because I am lagging behind. I am thinking the top of the quilt is almost finished. Which is good because I want to give it away in  6 days as a baby shower gift.  ( Not rushing anyone, obviously myself included!!! I’ll make the rest up if I have to!!) Then I am making 2 more for 2 other baby gift. If you know me  and are having a baby soon please block the last few sentences from your mind!!  I had every intentions of adding a pic of my quilts current state but of course the camera battery is dead. Will be back later to update.



  1. I love that website, youcanmakethis.com! Thanks for the link. It is so cool. Terri

  2. Carlotta said,

    First, I love your quilt colors. Second, YCMT is a great site. I too love it. Third, I’m with you, sewing is the one hobby that I have stuck with. I absolutely love to sew, and quilting is now my most favorite type of sewing. Keep up the blog, I’ll be visiting again.

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